The Lawrence family line is multifacted with pilgrams and royalty.

Documented Familial Line
Ethel "Bay" Ilena Lawrence b. 6 June 1884 Delaware, Iowa, United States d. February 1972 Cedar Falls, Black Hawk, Iowa, United States, (Merovingian descendant) 
-Bert Stephen(?) Mullan October 16, 1880-1966 

Harold "Moon" Albert Mullan March 27, 1910-1977 (Merovingian descendant)
-Pearl Veronica Chasky July 17, 1912-1988

Lester Harold Mullan October 12, 1943 - May 12, 2016 (Merovingian descendant)
-Living Chisum (Merovigian/Charlemagne/Viking/Plantagenet descendant)

Other citations for the Lawrence line include:

see, O'Maolain and de Chisholme