We can learn much from the symbols of the past.

Take for example coats of arms. Not every household in history has one for the expressed reason that a person had to "rent" or gain permission of the King in order to use such heraldry. So coats of arms were not necessarily passed down from father to son. 

When coats of arms are used on this site, they are for decorative illustration only. There is no attempt to own or use them as personal symbolism, but rather to reflect onto the past through the ornaments of the era. 

A coat of arms is personnel. The Boar head for the clan de Chisholme is actually the coat of arms for the Clan Chief, not for the entirety of the clan, so don't be putting it on your letterhead anytime soon. 

That is why the book covers that are/will be designed and present on this site are abstracts of the clan, tribe, or knight for which the surname has been associated with. 

If you would like to do your own coat of arms, that embodies your heritage as well as modern sensibilities, contact the editor. She can help you devise an emblem that befits your station without getting you into trouble with the crown or chieftain. A donation for her work would be appreciated so she can continue her efforts here for you all to enjoy and get inspiration from.

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