Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Samuel Houston of Texas is a Relative of the Chisum Clan

For over 30 years, I have been doing genealogy.  

Many great researchers have found elusive ties to people and places that I could never fathom in my wildest dreams. What I do is a little different. I see connections where people have not ventured, or simply have overlooked. 

Samuel Houston, the 1st President of the Republic of Texas has been one of those family stories from the Chisum clan that has gone nowhere... until now. My Chisum line swore that we were related to Sam Houston. Some said that we were a direct descendant. When that research did not pan out, many gave up. 

But we are related to Sam Houston. That is not fiction, or a family story. It is fact. 

The progenitors of this family line is:
John Houston Jr.
Birth Date: ABT 1689
Birth Location: Ireland
Death Date: ABT 1754, Death Location: Rockbridge County, Virgini 

and, Margaret Cunningham, his wife. 

This couple had about 20 documented children. 

One of their sons was:

Robert Houston
Death Date: from 11 Sep 1760 to 19 May 1761
Death Location: Augusta County, Virginia
Spouse Name: Mary Davidson

That makes Samuel "Sam" Houston's pedigree*: 

John Houston c1689-c1754
Robert Houston ?-c1761
Samuel Houston c1745-1807
Sam Houston 1793-1863*

His brother was Christopher Houston. That is the Chisum family line.

Christopher, born 1744.
Christopher Houston m. Sarah Mitchell
James Houston m. Patience Bills
Lillias Louisa Houston m. William Hague
Martha Hague m. James Carroll Pitts
to Walter Alexander Chisum 

John Houston, Jr. and John McClung Houston, I believe, are the same person. Dates and places match up, as well as spouses.

Look for yourself, but the mystery of the Chisum clan and Sam Houston has been solved.