Russian Jews fleeing the Bolshevik Revolution in Belarus circa 1915-1917 came to America. Ivan Chizevski (Ellis Island phoenetic spelling to Chasky? The name was changed through the court via his naturalized citizenship.) owned a farm in the foreign land in which the Bolsheviks took over. He and his refugee wife and daughter made it to the United States after a year. 

Pearl stated she spent time on a cattle barge during her journey as a child under the age of 5 to America. She knew only Russian and had to learn English before she was allowed into kindergarten.

The unconfirmed rumor is that Ivan killed a Bolshevik in self-defense over the stealing of his property into the communal system of Socialism.

Associated spelling of the family names are: Chisveski, Chizevski, Chasky, and as well, Jurawoky, Jawarski.

John Ivan Chisveski Chizevski Chasky 1887-1975 (Railroad Board)
-Elizabeth Jurawoky Chisveski Chasky 1887-1946

Pearl Veronica Chasky 1912-1988 (Cancer)
-Harold Albert "Moon" Mullan 1910-1977

Other citations for the Chisveski clan include:

      see, O'Maolain