The Sorrells have a long Norman/French history.

General Genealogical Consensus
Sir William Sorrell XVI 1450-1556 (Huguenot)
Burial:  Boulogne, Hauts-de-Seine, Île-de-France, France
-Madam Caroline Clement  1490-1540

Thomas Sorrell 1510-1592
-Agnes Everard 1503-1557

John Robert Sorrell 1543-1594
-Alice Tendering 1535-1573

Robert Sorrell, Sr. 1558-1603
 -Margery E. Frank(e)
(or Tarling?) 1553-1572

Sir Robert John Sorrell (Sorelle) II 1572-1682
-Mary Ann Everard 1572-1655

Captain Robert Sorrell 1618-1676
England to Jamestown, British Colonies 
-Madam Rebecca Woodward 1623-1676

Sir John Sorrell I 1646-1700
England to Virginia, British Colonies
-Elizabeth Ann Brechin 1646-1725

John Sorrell(s), Jr. 1688-1783
-Mary Ellis (or Coleman) 1688/89-1750

Documented Colonial Line
Richard David Sorrells, Sr. 1707-1774 (Jefferson)
-Mary Wilburn (Wellborn) 1710-1759 
Documented Familial Line 
Richard David Sorrells, Jr. 1744-1800
-Mildred Snead 1745/6-1834/5

Charles Sorrells 1776-1854
-Sarah Rhodes 1805-1876

Franklin Madison Sorrells 1832-1916
-Susan Sturdivant 1830-1894

Mary Matilda Sorrells 1851-1894
-Asa Lee Lewis

Alexandra Stephen (Blackburn/Spine?) Sorrells
-Mary Lee Lewis

Jettie Belle Sorrells  1903-1998
-James Clayborne Chisum 1901-1980

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