This genealogy compendium has been brought together from a number of sources. The research herein is cited on the bottom of each article or informational post, as applicable. 

Photo Credit: DL Mullan
The listed genealogical figures are direct ancestors of DL Mullan so not everyone is listed. Those listed who are not in direct lineage of the proprietor are most likely public figures of note in history such as John Simpson Chisum and Jesse Chisum as examples. 

DL Mullan has been researching online for over two decades with the help of cousins like H.L. Colbert in Texas and Thelma Prince of Our Southern Ancestors.

Please feel free to visit the links and sources to begin your own journey or to simply fill in the blanks. 

Be advised that as new research is done and other documents found, the evidence can change the information on these pages. 

If you have photographs, citations, genealogy names/dates/places that are not yet on these pages, then please feel free to contact DL Mullan and submit your findings. 

The information will eventually go into family books (electronic and print) so as much information that can be made available to the next generations would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you,