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Richard Sorrells (Sorrell), Sr. Historical Connection to Thomas Jefferson

In colonial America, Richard Sorrell(s) found work at Monticello under the supervision of Thomas Jefferson during the tumultuous years before the American Revolution.

Birthdate: circa 1707

Birthplace: Virginia

Death: February 10, 1774 (63-71)
Albemarle County, Virginia

Immediate Family:
Son of John Sorrell, Jr. and Mary Sorrell
Husband of Mary Sorrells

Richard Sorrells worked at Monticello for Thomas Jefferson.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial foundation records show that a RICHARD SORRELS began to work for THOMAS JEFFERSON 28 August 1769, and he worked more or less continuously for him at Monticello until the last reference to him is made on 10 February 1774 when a sale of his [Richard Sorrell's] estate was held.

Jefferson kept detailed accounts on all his workers, crops planted, etc. In Richard's account, several references are made to WILLIAM SORRELLS. William was never called a "boy" in these records.

He counted out corn in one of his duties, which was an adult activity, and shows some type of literacy/education.

The records from which this information is derived are: Jefferson's Memorandum Books, Vol I and II, Accounts with Legal Records and Miscellany, 1767-1826. Edited by James A. Bear, Jr. and Lucia Stanton. Princeton University Press, 1997.

This information was researched by Thelma F. Prince in June 1981, also by a separate genealogical records researcher and by Russell B. Sorrells, descendant.

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