Copyright & Trademark

When it comes to genealogy, images of gravestones and pictures of relatives are pretty much fair game and are not covered under copyright law before 1927 for 2019. The law is the date of creation plus 70 years after the creator's death.

In addition, pictures photographed for the historical reproduction (as in not an art installation piece) value are not considered protected by copyright. So much in the community is filed under Public Domain.

As for anything else on this site...

No matter what is posted from the logo, digital art images, and writing, or book designs and covers, Dawn Leslie Mullan (e.g., DL Mullan, Sonoran Dawn Studios, Undawnted) owns ALL of these creative works.

DL Mullan is the creator and owner of these Trademarks and Copyrights.

So please save yourself the hassle and just do not steal. If you would like to license an image, have me produce an image for you, or do some other custom/commissioned work, I can do that.

If you are not sure, just ask. I am around somewhere. Write me on my social media pages in Private Messages and I will let you know if it's Public Domain or not.

Thank you for your understanding!