Strete, Street I

The Street line comes from England.

 Henry Streete

Clothe Merchant, Richard Strete 1518-1592?

Francis Streete
Francis "The Elder"

Francis Streate c.1548-c.1630, England
Francis "The Younger" 
-Ellen unknown 

Seller, Nicholas Streete 1550-1610?

John Street 1584-1634
Captain, Yeoman, Merchant, and Gentleman (John Streate 1574)
-Mary unknown
This John Street is historically important as he was directly involved in England's famous Guy Fawkes "Gunpowder Plot" to blow up members of Parliament in 1605. After the plot failed, Thomas Percy, Robert Catesby and other conspirators fled London and hid out at Holbeach House in Worcestershire. Richard Walsh, Sheriff of Worcestershire and several of his men surrounded the House. As recounted in Lodge's British History & etc., London, 1791. pp. 300-301: "Catesby and Percy were killed by one John Street, a citizen of Worcester, who loaded his piece [musket] with two balls, and aiming it over a wall, one [ball] killed Catesby as he rushed out, and the other mortally wounded Percy. He received a pension of two shillings a day during his life from the King."

Sources: Transcript of John Street's Pension Request to James I, from:Illustrations of British History, Biography and Manners...Vol. III., 2nd Ed., by Edmund Lodge, Esq., 1838 (ebook on line). Will of John Street, in England and Wales, Prerogative court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858. "The Street Genealogy" 1895. profile No. 505 in section detailing "Worcester Streets."
Anthony Street 1608-1683
Pilgrim (Anthony Streate 1609-1683)
-Alice Ann Bent 1608-1645

Captain John Street 1640-1711
Captain (John Street 1638-1711)
-Ann Bevan 1645-1711

George Street 1662-1773
Land Owner
-Alicia Stewart 1661-1773

William Street 1682-1752
Captain, Surveyor, and Farmer
-Jane Waddy 1684-1788

? Anthony Street 1710-1790
Farmer and Constable
-Elizabeth Brockman 1715-1793

Moses Street, Sr. 1735-1813/15
-Jerusha (Brown?) c.1740-1814

Martha Patsy Street c1765-unknown, North Carolina
-James Hague, Sr. 1763, Netherlands


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