Monday, June 17, 2019

James Chisholm, Cheasum 1657

James CHISHOLM, (c1657 - 1698)

James CHISHOLM/CHEASUM was bc 1657 in New Kent County, VA. In the late 1670s James left Virginia for Maryland - Bacon's Rebellion was brewing nearby, and may have caused him to go to Maryland.

James Abigaile BELL 31 Aug 1678 possibly in Somerset County, MD.

James was back in Virginia by 1680 when he was appointed Justice of the Peace for Lancaster County, VA. He married second to Anne CARTER, daughter of John CARTER, date unknown. See the CARTER Family Page for Anne's ancestry.

James CHISHOLM wrote his will 11 Feb 1698 at St. Mary's County, MD; his will was drawn in Maryland because he had land there. He died before 8 May 1698 at St. Mary's County, MD.

James had two wives and four known children by them:
  1. John CHISUM Sr - See the next section
  2. James CHISUM - bc 1683, he was employed as secretary, rent collector, and "entry-taker" for Gov. Alexander Spotswood, and for Sir Thomas Fox. James Chisum was founder of the KY Chisholms.
  3. William CHISUM - bc 1685.
  4. Mary CHISUM - bc 1687.

Source:  GILSTRAP-ANDERSON Genealogy