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Plantagenet to Chisum Royal Bloodline I Outlined for Bradley, Chisum

There has been speculation that the Chisum line was a noble caste as well as house management for James I. 

Besides the Nicolas Girlington line via Elleander/Ellenor Girlington marrying John Chiusm II, this other line has been discovered through John Chisum I, or Sr., via Elizabeth Bradley.  More evidence reveals itself to offer more explanations as to why certain families intermarried. The rational would be to keep the bloodlines as uniform as possible in accordance to old aristocratic traditions even in tne New World. 

Historical General Consensus 
Geoffrey "Le Bon" Plantagenet, Count of Anjou, Duke of Normandy,   b. 24 Sep 1113, Anjou, France,   d. 7 Sep 1151, Chateau-Du-Loir, Eure-Et-Loire, France (Age 37 years)
-Matilda of England, Queen of England,   b. 7 Feb 1102, London, Middlesex, England,   d. 10 Sep 1167, Notre Dame, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France  (Age 65 years)

Henry II, King of England,   b. 5 Mar 1133, Le Mans, France,   d. 6 Jul 1189, Chinon Castle, France (Age 56 years) (Plantagenet descendant)
-Eleanore de Aquitaine, Queen of England,   b. 1123, Chateau de Belin, Bordeaux, Aquitaine, France,   d. 31 Mar 1204, Poitiers, France (Age 81 years) 

John I, King of England,   b. 24 Dec 1166, Beaumont Palace, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England,   d. 19 Oct 1216, Newark Castle, Nottinghamshire, England (Age 49 years) (Plantagenet descendant)
-Isabelle of Angouleme, Queen of England,   b. 0___ 1188, Angouleme, France,   d. 31 May 1246, Fontevrault L'abbe, Maine-Ete-Loire, France (Age ~ 58 years)

Henry III, King of England,   b. 1 Oct 1207, Winchester Castle, Hampshire, United Kingdom,   d. 16 Nov 1272, Westminster Palace, Westminster, London, Middlesex, England  (Age 65 years) (Plantagenet descendant)
-Eleanor of Provence, Queen of England, Princess of Castile,   b. 0___ 1222, Aix-En-Provence, Bouches-Du-Rhone, France,   d. 24 Jun 1291, Amesbury, Wiltshire, England (Age ~ 69 years) 

Edward I, King of England,   b. 17 Jun 1239, Westminster, London, Middlesex, England,   d. 7 Jul 1307, Burgh by Sands, Carlisle, Cumbria, England (Age 68 years) (Plantagenet descendant)
-Eleanor de Castile, Queen of England,   b. 0___ 1241, Burgos, Segovia, Castile, Spain,   d. 28 Nov 1290, Hardby, Nottinghamshire, England (Age ~ 49 years)

Edward II, King of England,   b. 25 Apr 1284, Caernarfon Castle, Gwynedd, Wales,   d. 21 Sep 1327, Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire, England (Age 43 years) (Plantagenet descendant)
-Isabella of France, Queen of England,   b. Abt 1279, Paris, France,   d. 22 Aug 1358, Castle Rising, Norfolk, England (Age ~ 79 years) 

Edward III, King of England,   b. 13 Nov 1312, Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England,   d. 21 Jun 1377, Richmond Palace, London, England (Age 64 years) (Plantagenet descendant)
-Philippa of Hainault, Queen of England,   b. 1312-1314, Mons, Hainaut, Belgium, Netherlands,   d. 15 Aug 1369, Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England (Age 55 years)

John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster,   b. 6 Mar 1340, St. Bavo's Abbey, Ghent, Belgium,   d. 3 Feb 1399, Leicester Castle, Leicester, Leicestershire, England (Age 58 years) (Plantagenet descendant)
-Katherine de Roet, Duchess of Lancaster,   b. 25 Nov 1350, Picardie, France,   d. 10 May 1403, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England (Age 52 years) 

John Beaufort, III, Knight, 1st Earl of Somerset,   b. 1371-1373, Chateau de Beaufrot, Anjou, France,  d. 14 Mar 1410, Hospital of St. Katherine's by the Tower, London, England (Age 37 years) (Plantagenet descendant)
-Margaret Holland, Duchess of Clarence,   b. 0___ 1385, (England),   d. 31 Dec 1439  (Age ~ 54 years)

Edmund Beaufort, Knight, 2nd Duke of Somerset,   b. 0___ 1406, Westminster Palace, Westminster, London, Middlesex, England,   d. 22 May 1455, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England (Age ~ 49 years) (Plantagenet descendant)
-Eleanor Beauchamp, Duchess of Somerset,   b. 0Sep 1408, Wedgenock, Warwickshire, England,   d. 6 Mar 1467, Baynard's Castle, London, England (Age ~ 58 years) 

Eleanor Beaufort, Countess of Ormonde,   b. 0___ 1431, London, Middlesex, England,   d. 16 Aug 1501  (Age ~ 70 years)
-Robert Spencer,   b. Abt 1430, Spencer Combe, Devon, England,   d. ~ 11510  (Age ~ 80 years) (Plantagenet descendant)

Margaret Spencer,   b. ~ 1471, Spencer Combe, Devon, England,   d. 0___ 1536  (Age ~ 65 years) (Plantagenet descendant)
-Thomas Carey,   b. 0___ 1465, Clovelly, Devon, England,   d. Bef 1548, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England (Age ~ 82 years)

John Carey, Knight,   b. ~ 1495, Pleshey, Essex, England,   d. 8 Sep 1552, Hunsdon, Hertfordshire, England  (Age ~ 57 years) (Plantagenet descendant)
-Joyce Denny,   b. 29 Jul 1495, Howe, Norfolk, England,   d. 6 Apr 1560, London, Middlesex, England (Age 64 years)

Edward Cary, MP,   b. ~ 1540, Cockington, Devon, England,   d. 18 Jul 1618, St. Bartholomew, London, Middlesex, England (Age ~ 78 years) (Plantagenet descendant)
-Catherine Knevet,   b. 1543, Buckenham, Norfolkshire, England,   d. 20 Dec 1622  (Age 79 years) 

Elizabeth Carey,   b. 1606, Devon, England,   d. Pomfret, Garforth, West Yorkshire, England (Plantagenet descendant)
-John Damton  b. unknown

Alice Damton,   b. 1636, Broseley, Shropshire, England,   d. 30 Jan 1665, England (Age 29 years) (Plantagenet descendant)
-Thomas Johannes Bradley, III, The Immigrant,   b. 1633, Pontefract, West Riding, Yorkshire, England,   d. 1665, Virginia  (Age 32 years)  (son of Reverend Thomas Bradley, Chaplain to the King and Francis Savile)
  • Geni 1 
  • Peerage Savile
  • The Hennessee Family: Bradley, Thomas, (born 1633) a merchant in Virginia in 1665, eldest son of Thomas Bradley, D. D., chaplain to Charles I., prebend of York, rector of Ackworth, a great royalist and his wife Frances, daughter of John Lord Saveille of Pontrefact. 
Documented Familial Line 
Elizabeth Bradley,   b. 1681-1683, Richmond County, Virginia,   d. 1711, (Richmond County) Virginia (Age 28 years) (Plantagenet descendant)
-John Chisum, I, or Sr.,  b. 1681, Lancaster County, Virginia,   d. 1734, Caroline County, Virginia (Age 53 years)

see, de Chisholme

Source: The Hennessee Family