Sunday, June 16, 2019

Walling, Wallen... and the Pilgrim Connection

Ralph and Joyce Wallen arrived at Plymouth Colony in 1623 on the ship "Anne" which sailed from England is the likely parentage to Thomas Walling (Wallen).  

Heritage line:

Thomas Walling I
-Mary Abbott

Thomas Walling II, 1669-1724
-Sarah Elwell, 1676-1724

Elisha Walling, 1708-1785
-Mary Blevins, 1710-1783

James Walling, 1746-1786
-Mary White Pugh, ca.1748-?

Elizabeth "Betsy" Walling 1768-1840
-Elijah Kaufman Chisum 1773-1860

Source: Pathway to Remembrance 

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