Monday, July 15, 2019

Another One Bytes the Dust

People believe I exaggerate for attention. 

Nope. Another one of my donated CPUs bit the dust. So I am not sure what I am going to do. The genealogy research I was doing was on that computer. No wonder there haven't been any updates. 

In the meantime, I am working on the Sonoran Monsoon: Earth Changes Book and Cover Art Event that I am hosting through my publishing house: Sonoran Dawn Studios. I have been updating my other sites. I created a navigation tool at the bottom of each site so visitors can easily go about the information at their leisure.         

So I am working on a donated laptop that doesn't charge in order to save my own laptop until after this one dies as well. What I wouldn't give for two current CPUs and two current laptops. Windows 7, please. I just cannot stand Windows 10, people tell me this newer version sucks. No thank you. 

That is where I have been and what I have been doing. 

I will get back here as soon as it is feasible. The event this week is my volunteerism. I host four book and cover art events a year online through Facebook. I also do two parties a year where I just entertain everyone with music and literature and such... As soon as I find a new platform, I will switch from Facebook. 

I hope something turns around soon. I am a power user because I do so much computer work thanks to being housebound, and bed bound much of the time. I am bed bound this week because my neighbor saw me doing the city bins on Friday for pickup and decided when I went inside to get the last of my trash he would unload a whole can of spray paint.

I went out to wheel my trash to the curb and walked right into the invisible cloud of noxious fumes. I had no choice but to hold my breath, wheel the bin to the curb, and run back to my house. How I did not pass out and break something on my concrete, I have no idea. I was just damn lucky.  

Situations like these are why I tout myself as: your cranky, disabled editor. He knows I am sick. I wear my carbon mask with paper towels folded inside everywhere, but somethings like spray paint are overkill and my masks do not hold up. They are not chemical masks you buy at Home Depot. 

Sometimes I wonder where all the common sense has gone in this world. 

I know if I pulled something like that my butt would be toast if either of my parents found out about it. Are we raising children who never understand to walk in someone else's shoes? I wonder...

That's the update for now. I hope to be back soon. 

Have a great and wonderful day.