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Get Gant: Going Back to Friesland

Outline of the de Gaunt family through the middle ages.

Radbod I, de Friesland (Duke/Ruler of Friesland) “the Pagan King of Friesland”, b. Abt. 670, Demark, d. 719, Belgium (age 49). Allied with Neustria and defeated Charles Martel, q.v., in battle at Cologne in 716.

Poppon I "Bobo" “of Middle Friesland” (Ruler of Friesland), b. Abt. 700, Belgium, d. Aft. 734 (age 34+ in a battle against Charles Martel). Poppon I is the son of Radbod I.

Alfbard “of Middle Friesland” (Ruler of Friesland), b. Abt. 735, Belgium, d. 786 (age 51). Occupation: Royalty. Married: Auda/Aldane Martel, b. Abt. 740, France (d/o Charles “the Hammer” Martel and Rotrud (Chrotrude Rotrude) of Alemania). Charles “the Hammer” is the grandfather of Charlemagne.Alfbard was the son of Poppon I.

Nordalah of Middle FRIESLAND, b. Abt. 765, Herstal (Belgium), d. Abt. 810. Nordalah was the son of Alfbard.

Gerulf I "Ruler of Middle FRIESLAND" (Count of Friesland), b. Abt. 790 West Friesland (Holland), d. Aft. 834 (age 44+).
Gerulf I was the son of Nordalah.

Gerulf II of HENNEMERLAND (Earl of Friesland), b. Abt. 815, d. Aft. 839 (age 24+). Married: UNKNOWN Corbic, b. Abt. 825 (d/o Waldager Corbic). Gerulf II was the son of Gerulf I.

Gerulf III Count of FRIESLAND, b. Abt. 845, d. c915. Occupation: Royalty. Gerulf III was the son of Gerulf II.

Dietrich I Count of Kennemerland) of WEST FRIESLAND (AKA Dirk I, of Holland), b. c899 Abdijkerk, Holland, d. ABT 0939, Egmond-Binnen, Noord Holland, Holland. Occupation: Royalty. Married: Geva (Gerberge), (Countss of Kennemerland) of Hamalant and possibly Vermandois, b. Abt. 903 (d/o Maginhard, Duke of Friesland and Reginhilde von Haithhabu – d/o Gottfried Eriksson, King of Haithhabu and Gisela, Princess of Lorraine). Dietrich I was the son of Gerulf III

Wickmann I Count) of GHENT, von Hamalant (AKA Wichmann (Wieman) of GAND, Graf of Ghent), b. Abt. 920, Ghent, Flanders, Holland, Belgium, d. Abt. 983. Married: Abt. 955, Luitgard de Flanders, b. Abt. 941, d. 29 Sep 964 (d/o Arnold (Arnolph Earnwulf Arnulf,) I de FLANDERS (FLEMING), `the Great'; `the Old'; Count of Flanders and Alice (Alix Adele Adelaide) de VERMANDOIS). Wickmann I was the son of Dietrich I.

Theodoric de GAND, aka Thierry (Count) of GHENT, b. Abt. 956, d. 18 Sep 993. Married: Abt. 983, Hildegarde de HOLAND (BURGUNDY), b. Abt. 956 (d/o Dietrich (Thierry) II (Count) of WEST FRIESLAND, aka Dirk (Count) de HOLAND; Theoderich II; of WEST FRISIA and Hildegarde (Countess) de FLANDERS. Theodoric de Gand is the son of Wickman I.

Arnoul/Arnulf/Arnold de GAND, b. Abt. 984, Ghent, Flanders, d. 18 Sep 993 (killed). Married: (1) N. N. Married: Abt. 998 (2) Lietgarde de CLEVES et Luxembourg, b. Abt. 987, Bruxelles, Belgium, d. 14 May 1005 (d/o Siegfried de Luxembourg and Hedwig de Alsace et Nordgau). Arnulf de Gand is the son of Theodoric de Gand.

Adalbert de Gand (Count of Gand), b. c0996, Ghent, Hainault, Flanders, France (now Belgium), d. Abt. 1034 (age 38). Occupation: Royalty. Married: c1020: Ermengarde le Blount de FLANDERS, b. Abt. 1007, Gand, East Viaanderen, Belgium, d. Abt. 1071 (d/o Baldwin IV, “le Blount”, “Barbatus le Barbu”, “Fair Beard” de Flanders and Ogive de Luxembourg). Adalbert de Gand is the son of Arulf de Gand.

Ralph I, de Gand/Gaunt/Gant (Lord of Alost, Ghent), (AKA Ralph `the Advocate'; Seigneur de FLANDERS; Herr von AALST), (Advocate of St. Peter’s Church), b. c1022, Flanders, Normandy, France, d. Aft. 1058, Aalst Sint-Pieter, Ghent, Belgium. Married: Abt. 1040 and Gisele de Luxembourg (AKA Gisela d' ARDENNES), b. c1025, Luxembourg, Belgium, d. 1058, buried Chapel of St. Lawrence, Ghent, Flanders, Belgium (d/o Frederic II, de Luxembourg, Count of Luxembourg, Duke of Lower Lothringan and Gerberge de Boulogne, or, Ermentrude de Gleiberg). Ralph I de Gand is the son of Adalbert de Gand.

Gilbert I, de (GANT) GAUNT (Lord of FOLKINGHAM), b. c1048 Alost, Flanders, Belgium, d. 1095, Folkingham, Bourne, Lincolnshire, England. Married c1074 Alice de Montfort, b. c1042 Montfort-Sur-Risle, France, d. Aft. 1091 (d/o Hugh II de Montfort, Warden of Dover Castle, Constable of England and Alice de Beaufou). Alice first married: Abt. 1069, Thurstan de Brastenburg, b. Abt. 1040, England (s/o Rollo Thurston Brico, 1st Duke of Normandy and Gerlotte de Blois). He probably arrived in England 1066, and served as commander in York, 1068, where he was taken prisoner by the Danes the following year. He was a tenant-in-chief and one of the largest landholders in Lincolnshire in 1086. He also had considerable estates in Yorkshire and lands in other counties, and held the Constableship (A medieval officer of high rank, usually serving as military commander in the absence of a monarch, similar to a modern General) at one time. The Montfort family was with William the Conqueror in the Norman Invasion of England. Gilbert was also at the Battle of Hastings with William. Gilbert de Gand I, is the son of Ralph I de Gand.

Walter de Gaunt (Baron of Folkingham), b. 1080 Folkingham, Bourne, Lincolnshire, England, d. c1139 Folkingham, Bourne, Lincolnshire, England. Married Abt. 1111 Folkingham, Lincolnshire, England: Matilda (Maud) Penthievre de Brittany, b. 1090 Bretagne, France (d/o Stephen I, Count of Brittany and Hawise de Guincamp). Walter became a member of Henry I council. And later became a monk. He founded the priory at Bridlington, ca 1114, and was a member of Henry I's Council in 1121/22, and Sep 1131. He was at Stephen's Easter court 1136, and fought at the battle of Standard in 1138. In addition to Gilbert, his son and successor, he had sons Robert, Baldwin, and Geoffrey. It should be noted that Ancestral Roots states that Walter married Maud/Matilda "by 1120" the latter date being given by Complete Peerage as the approximate date of birth of their heir, Gilbert. Chronologically, Agnes de Gaunt, shown as first child was likely not their daughter; Douglas Richardson believes Agnes is more likely to be either Walter's daughter by an earlier, unknown first wife, or Walter's sister, and that this issue needs further research. Maud’s uncle, Bodin held Ravensworth, Mickleton, Romandkirk, etc., in Domesday Book 1086. Walter de Gand is the son of Gilbert de Gand I.

Robert de Gaunt, (Lord of Folkingham), b. c1130 Folkingham, Lincolnshire, England, d. c1191. Married 1153 (1) Gunnora D’Aubigny/Gournay/Gurney/Albini, b. c1132, Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire, England (d/o Ralph D’Aubigny and Sibila de Valognes). Married 1158 (2) Folkingham, Lincolnshire, England, Alice Paynell, b. 1137, Hooton, Pagnell, West Riding, Yorkshire, England, d. 1178 Folkingham, Lincolnshire, England (d/o William Paynel and Unknown D’Avranches or, Maud de Surdeval). Robert de Gaunt is the son of Walter de Gand.

Sir, Gilbert de Gaunt III, b. 1180, d. Jan 1242. Married 1201 Folkingham, Lincolnshire, England (s/o Robert de Gaunt and Gunnora D’Aubigny). Married: Alice Albinaco, b. 1182 Naburn, Yorkshire, England. Sir, Gilbert de Gaunt III is the son of Robert de Gaunt.

Sir, Gilbert de Gaunt IV, (Constable of Scarborough Castle), b. Abt. 1205, Healaugh, Tadcaster, Yorkshire, England, d. 5 Jan 1274, Folkingham, Bourne, Lincolnshire, England; buried: Bridlington Priory, East Riding, Yorkshire, England. Married Abt. 1242 Julienne, b. Abt. 1220. Sir, Gilbert de Gaunt IV is the son of Sir, Gilbert de Gaunt III.

Sir, Gilbert de Gaunt V, b. Abt. 1250, d. 17 Mar 1298. Married Lora/Laura (Lorette) de Baillol, b. Bef 1274 (d/o Henry de Baliol and Lora de Valoines). No known children. Sir, Gilbert de Gaunt V, was the son of Sir, Gilbert de Gaunt IV.

Source: Genealogy Gant