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Lawrence, Bradley, Tuttle to the Pilgraims and the Kings of Old

Ethel "Bay" Ilena Lawrence married Bert "Moon" Harold Mullan and brought with her a heritage of the Merovingians and the pilgrims (William Tuttle arrived: 1635, Boston, Massachusetts Bay, British Colonial America in the time of Great Migration).

General Historical Consensus
Odo I de Blois Count de Blois b. 950 d. 996 (von Schwaben, Merovingian descendant)
marriage: April 988
Queen Bertha de Burgundy b. 964 d. 1015 (Merovingian descendant)

Heloise de Blois  (Merovingian descendant)
b 1022 d. unknown
Renaud de Nogent Lord of Broyes, Beaufort, and Pithiviers
b. 940 d. unknown

Lombart de Broyes b. 985 d. 1036 (Merovingian descendant)
marriage: 1003, Broyes, Marne, Champagne-Arden
Heloise de Blois b. 981 d. 1022

Hugh Bardoul de Broyes b. 1014 d. 1058 (Merovingian descendant)
marriage: 1020, Broyes, marne, Champagne-Arden,
Elizabeth de Sours de Puiset b/ 1000 d. 1034 

Isabel Bardoul de Broyes b. 1034 d. 1058 (Merovingian descendant)
Thurstan de Bassett b. 1050 d. 1123

Ralph de Basset Lord of Colston b. 1076 d. 1127 (Merovingian descendant)
marriage: 1093, Drayton Basset, Staffordshire, England
Alice de Buci Countess of Dumfront

Richard de Bassett Royal Justice of England b. 1102 d. 1144 (Merovingian descendant)
marriage: about 1126, Staffordshire, England
Lady Matilda de Ridel b. 1097 d. 1139

 Sybill Basset b. 1135 d. 1185 (Merovingian descendant)
 Lord Robert Cause van Laxton b. 1135 d. 1185

Adam FitzPeter de Birkin b. 1136 d. 1185 (Merovingian descendant)
Maud de Cauz Heir of Laxton and Shelford

Hippolytus de Brame de Middleton b. 1160 d. unknown (Merovingian descendant)
Lady Middleton de Brame b. unknown  d. unknown

Hippolitus Bram (Braham), Lord of Middleton b. 1187 d. 1217 (Merovingian descendant)
unknown spouse

Sir, Hugh Brame Middleton b. 1167 d. 1243 (Merovingian descendant)
unknown spouse

Sir, Robert Middleton, Lord of Middleham b. 1239 d. 1269 (Merovingian descendant)
Aeneas unknown b. 1234 d. unknown

Sir, Peter I Middleton, Lord of Middleham b. 1265 d. 1285 (Merovingian descendant)
marriage: about 1270, Yorkshire, England
Agnes unknown b. 1256 d. 1299

William Middleton b. 1269 d. 1338 (Merovingian descendant)
marriage: 1289, Plumpton, by Ecclesall, Yorkshire, England
Agnes le Boteler b. 1272 d. 1311

Sir, Peter II Middleton, Knight, Lord of Middleham  b. 1300 d. 1335 (Merovingian descendant)
marriage: 1320, Plumpton in Spofforth, Yorkshire, England
Lady, Eustacia Plumpton (Merovingian descendant with de Ros, ) b. 1299 d. 1354

Sir, Thomas Middleton, Knight b. 1321 d. 1380 (Merovingian descendant)
marriage: 1346, St. Mary, Devon, England
Elizabeth "Eliza" Gramary b. 1325 d. 1402

Sir Nicolas Middleton b. 1347 d. 1420 (Merovingian descendant)
marriage: about 1390, 2nd wife
Avice Stapleton b. 1367 d. 1416

Sir John Middelton b. 1403 d. 1442 (Merovingian descendant)
Alice Mauleverer b. 1382 d. 1430

William Middelton b. 1474 d. unknown (Merovingian descendant)
marriage: 1419, Hammerton, Slaidburn, Yorkshire, England
Maraget de Hammerton b. 1042 d. 1473

Sir Peter Middleton b. 1426 d.1499 (Merovingian descendant)
Ann Joan la Vavsour b. 1430 d. 1524

General Genealogical Consensus
Ann Middleton b. 1461 d. 1525 (Merovingian descendant)
marriage: 1474, Wootton Wawen, Warwickshire, England 
John V. de Harewell b. 1461 d. 1505

Matilda Harewell b. 1473 d. 1507 (Merovingian descendant)
John Leighton b. 1469 d. 1532

Elizabeth Leighton b. 1492 d. 1568 (Merovingian descendant)
William Mason b. 1488 d. 1530
marriage: 1510, Kent, England

Elizabeth Mason b. 1510 d. 1590 (Merovingian descendant)
Thomas Tuttle b. 1506 d. 1554
marriage: 1526, England

Richard Tuttle b. 1530 d. 1589 (Merovingian descendant)
marriage: about 1560, Woodford, Northamptonshire, England
Elizabeth unknown b. 1526 d. 1590

Simon Tuttle/Symon TOOTHILL(Merovingian descendant)
 b. 1565 d. 1630
marriage 1579, Ringstead, Northhamptonshire, England
Isabell Wells b. 1565 d. 1635

Documented Colonial Line
William Tuttle b. 1607 d. 1673 (Merovingian descendant)
marriage: about 1630, Northamptonshire, England
Elizabeth unknown b. 1613 d. 1684
arrived: 1635, Boston, Massachusetts Bay, British Colonial America

Thomas Tuttle b. 1634 d. 1710 (Merovingian descendant)
marriage: May 21, 1661, New Haven, Connecticut, British Colonies
Hannah Powell b. 1641 d. 1710 

Thomas Tuttle Jr. b. 1667 d. 1703 (Merovingian descendant)
marriage: June 28, 1692, New Haven, Connecticut, British Colonies
Marcy Sanford b. 1679 d. 1735 

Martha Tuttle b. 1697 d. 1776 (Merovingian descendant)
Benjamin Bradley II b. 1692 d. 1726
marriage: April 2, 1719, New Haven County, Connecticut

Andrew Bradley b. 1723 d.  1798 (Merovingian descendant)
marriage: November 3, 1744
Mary b. unknown d. unknown

Margaret Bradley b. 1755 d. 1828 (Merovingian descendant)
William T. Lawrence b. 1752 d. 1838
marriage 1780 Newark, New Castle, Delaware,

Joseph Lawrence  b, 1783 d. 1842 (Merovingian descendant)
marriage about 1806
Rebecca J. Van Eman
b. 1787 d. 1822

Familial Documented Line
Samuel Lawrence b. 1819 d. unknown (Merovingian descendant)
marriage June 5, 1838, Kane, Illinois
Marilla Gibbs

Leonard Gibbs Lawrence 1839-1916 (Merovingian descendant through Plumpton via de Ros and de Blois, Queen Bertha de Burgundy)
m. May 26, 1861, Delaware, Iowa
-Castine R. Reynolds 1841-1933 (Merovingian descendant through King Richard I, Eriksdatter)

Ethel "Bay" Ilena Lawrence 1884-1973 (Merovingian descendant)
-Bert Stephen(?) Mullan October 16, 1880-1966

see, O'Maolain

Source: Family Tree