Thursday, July 4, 2019

Primary Sources, Thank You Sections, and Showing Gratitude

As this site grows and more information is developed, the pages will begin to look less like unending lists of names and dates to focus on one person or immediate family. 

I have done this process already with a few of my relatives. 

That will expand to everyone that has a history, story, or biographical data that is noteworthy. 

So those individuals offended that I copied and cited their items here, that is not where this site is going. I am just building up evidentiary support for people, places, and things as well as looking for those ever elusive primary sources everyone is quoting from but somehow isn't cited on their pages. I have to go find them individually when I get to that stage. 

Just hold on. Your citations will drive traffic your way for clicks and adsense, which I do not utilize because I am not into snooping out people's private lives. No cookies from me on any of my sites. Blogspot, I cannot help. 

When I find the primary sources that I am looking for your pages may not matter and be deleted at my discretion. It's a wait and see game right now.

If I do a bibliography for the family books, then you and your site may be listed. If there are too many, then I will parse the information into a work cited format. For those people who are not nasty buttheads and allow me to go through my process, then I am apt to create a Thank You section in the back of the book where you and yours are listed. 

Butthead = deletion
Not a Butthead = Thank you citation

I am not an ego maniac. My view is plain and what I was taught in college: if you are not born with the knowledge, then that fact or figure must be cited. Period. My brain inflammation doesn't help as it messes with my memory and where I leave off in places. You can see hours of work putting together lineages and lines, but if I don't leave myself bread crumbs... It's like being Mr. Magoo and a demented dementia patient. I forget I am cooking and burn food and pans if I am not diligent.

Just seven years ago I could not remember how to spell my name or recite where I lived without reading one of my utility bills. I have gotten passed that stage, but I still have discernible memory interruptions that are noticeable to strangers as I cannot finish a track of thought most days when I am speaking to someone. This website is really helping me bridge the gaps.

It's also showing gratitude for people doing the work. I've done it and now I am redoing it. So believe me, I know. 

I am just making sure you do too. 

Have a great and wonderful day!