Wednesday, July 15, 2020

1776 Patriot Project

For those researchers and project managers in the genealogical arena, the 1776 Patriot Project is for you. 

Show your patriotism by having a linkable, searchable page listing your notable American Patriots. Some ancestors will have military service record; some will not. 

The two 1776 Patriot Project images are free to used for this project, only. I will be creating shirts and other products with these images to fundraise. Links back to the project here would be appreciated to keep the research available to everyone.

This project is not political.

It is to display just how much history Americans have in this land. Americans need to show that we are not invaders: we are natives to North America. Native Americans came over from the land bridge thousands of years ago. Native Americans are the genetic mix of ancient Siberians and Asians. They are not a different species or new type of human; they are the old humans. Hence, the issues with illness and disease when the settlers arrived... but I digress.

As history works, humans find each other... eventually and here we are.

For better or worse, through a lot of political upheavals and lessons learned, America is now the most diverse place on the Earth. 

Shouldn't we be celebrating that diversity instead of trying to judge, cancel, and tear it down? 

If you are as tired as I am with the extreme mind-think going on, then let's work together to dispel the misconceptions spread around for social and political expediency. 

Join Our Rugged Individualism's 1776 Patriot Project and let's start changing the narrative away from the destructive cycle and back towards sanity.   

Thank you!