The Lewis family has a varied background.

General Genealogical Consensus

Documented Colonial Line
Documented Familial Line

Minor (Myron) Lewis 1790-1820
-Sarah Davison 1796-1857
  • Ancestry: Daughter of Erza R.S. Davison 1765-1834 b. Nova Scotia, Canada, and Diadamia/Deidama Smith 1774-1853 b. New York

Asa Lee Davison Lewis 1810-1886
-Zilpha Jane Stephens 1817-1895

Asa Lee Lewis (Texas Ranger)
-Mary Matilda Sorrells 1851-1894
Mary Lee Lewis
-Alexandra Stephen (Blackburn/Spine?) Sorrells

Other citations for the Lewis clan include:

see Sorrells

Sources: Ancestry