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Charlemagne Plus Viking, Spanish, French Lineage byway of Hasnard, Girlington

Elizabeth Hasnard also contributed to the royal lineage of the de Grylyngton line by marrying Nicolas Girlington III.

Guillaume d'Aubigny, Seigneur de Saint-Martin-d'Aubigny,   b. ~1010, Saint-Martin-d'Aubigny, Basse-Normandie, France,  d. ~1068, Le Plessis, Colombiers, Lower-Normandy, France   (Age ~ 58 years) (Merovingian descendant)
-Adeliza FitzOsulf, of Plessis, Heiress of Belvoir,   b. ~1027, Le Plessis, Colombiers, Lower-Normandy, France,   d. ~1088, Belvoir Castle, Belvoir, Leicestershire, England  (Age ~ 61 years)

Roger d'Aubigny,   b. 0___ 1045, Aubigny, Normandy, France,   d. 0___ 1084  (Age ~ 39 years)(Merovingian descendant)
Amice de Mowbray,   b. 0___ 1045, (Normandy, France),   d. 1084  (Age ~ 39 years) (Merovingian descendant)

Nigel d'Aubigny, 3rd Baron of Thirsk,   b. 0___ 1170, Thirsk Castle, Thirsk, Yorkshire, England,   d. 26 Nov 1129, Normandy, France (Merovingian descendant)
-Gundred de Gournay,   b. 1097,   d. 1155  (Age 58 years) (Merovingian descendant)

Roger de Mowbray, Knight Templar,   b. 1120, Thirsk, Yorkshire, England,   d. 1188, Palestine (Age 68 years) (Merovingian descendant)
-Alice de Gand,   b. ~1120, Yorkshire, England,   d. <1176, Masham, Yorkshire, England (Age ~ 56 years)

Nigel de Mowbray,   b. 1146, Thirsk, Yorkshire, England,   d. 1191, Acre, Palestine (Age 45 years) (Merovingian descendant)
-Mabel de Braose (William I the Conquerer descendent via Agnes St. Clair to Mauger Normandie),   b. 1151, Bramber, Sussex, England,   d. 1203, (Axholme, Lincolnshire, England)  (Age 52 years)  (Merovingian descendant)

William de Mowbray, Knight, 6th Baron of Thirsk,   b. 1172-1173, Thirsk Castle, Thirsk, Yorkshire, England,   d. 1223-1224, Epworth, Lincolnshire, England (Age 51 years) (Merovingian descendant)
-Avice d'Aubigny,   b. 0___ 1196,   d. 0___ 1214  (Age ~ 18 years) (Merovingian descendant)

Matilda de Mowbray  (Merovingian descendant)
-John Hansard,   b. ~1205,   d. ~1253  (Age ~ 48 years)

Gilbert Hansard, b. ~1225, d. ~1290 (Age ~ 65 years) (Merovingian descendant)
-Egelina de Columbars

Robert Hansard,   b. 0Dec 1272, Walworth, Durham, England,   d. ~1313  (Age ~ 40 years) (Merovingian descendant)
-Margaret Redman, of Walworth,   b. ~1272, England,   d. ~1313  (Age ~ 41 years)

Gilbert Hansard,   b. Abt 1300, (Durham) England (Merovingian descendant)
-Lora unknown,   b. Abt 1300, England,   d. Aft 1349  (Age ~ 50 years)

Robert Hansard,   b. Abt 1330, (Walworth, Darlington, Durham) England,   d. Aft 1391  (Age ~ 62 years) (Merovingian descendant)
-Beatrix unknown,   b. Abt 1330, (Yorkshire) England

Robert Hansard, 9th Lord of Walworth,   b. Abt 1360, (Walworth, Darlington, Durham) England,   d. 22 May 1441, South Kelsey, Lincolnshire, England (Age ~ 81 years) (Merovingian descendant)
-Margaret Gascoigne,   b. Abt 1360, Harewood, Yorkshire, England

Richard M. Hansard, Knight, MP,   b. 1377, South Kelsey, Lincolnshire, England,   d. 25 Nov 1428, South Kelsey, Lincolnshire, England (Age 51 years) (Merovingian descendant)
-Joan Hedworth,   b. Abt 1390, Southwick, Sunderland, Durham, England,   d. 1419, South Kelsey, Lincolnshire, England (Age ~ 29 years)

Richard Hansard, III,   b. Abt 1419, South Kelsey, Lincolnshire, England,   d. 1460  (Age ~ 41 years)  (Merovingian descendant)
-Margaret Delamore,   b. Abt 1425, North Bradley, Wiltshire, England

Richard Hansard, IV,   b. Abt 1446, Girsby, Lincolnshire, England,   d. 1497, South Kelsey, Lincolnshire, England (Age ~ 51 years) (Merovingian descendant)
-Elizabeth Blount ,   b. Abt 1454, Girsby, Lincolnshire, England

William Hansard, Knight,   b. 0___ 1478, Kelsey, Lincolnshire, England,   d. 11 Jan 1521, South Kelsey, Lincolnshire, England  (Age ~ 43 years) (Merovingian descendant)
-Elizabeth Hutton,   b. 0___ 1480, Kelsey, Lincolnshire, England,   d. 11 May 1550, Kelsey, Lincolnshire, England (Age ~ 70 years)

Elizabeth Hansard,   b. 0___ 1511, Kelsey, Lincolnshire, England,   d. 0___ 1577, Hackforth, Hornby Parish, North Yorkshire, England (Age ~ 66 years)
*(also is a William I, the Conquerer descendent and Spanish when GGGgrandfather Walter Blount, Knight & Baron married Donna Sancha de Ayala; royal lineage through Isabel Beauchamp, Henry de Beaumont, Alice de Harcourt, Joan de Broase, Gundred de Warenne, Isabel de Vermandois to Henri I, King of France) (Merovingian descendant)
-Nicholas Girlington, III,   b. 0___ 1510, Hackforth, Hornby Parish, North Yorkshire, England,   d. 10 Jan 1584, Hackforth, Hornby Parish, North Yorkshire, England  (Age ~ 74 years) 

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