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John Chisum 1704-1792, Biographical Information


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John Chisum of Amelia County, born ca 1704, married ca 1730, died in Amelia Co., Va. 9 October 1792, was the son of John Chisum of Caroline County and his wife Elizabeth Bradley. His birthplace on Polecat Creek in the Mattapony River valley was in old St. John's Parish, which was divided in 1720, leaving the Chisum plantation in St. Margaret's Parish.

Until 1727 the political subdivision was King William County. Young John received a good education, studying probably with the Rev. James Marye, "a scholarly Huguenot" who had an academy in nearby Fredericksburg. John's practical training, however, must have come from his lawyer father and from his uncle, James Chisum, who was employed as secretary, rent collector, and "entry-taker" for Governor Alexander Spotswood, and for Sir Thomas Fox.

With this kind of background, it is not surprising to find the recently married John locating for himself good farming land on the "Little Fork" of the Sherando River, on frontier Virginia. His entry for 400 acres was dated 21 January 1733. Again, in December of 1736 he "took up" another 400 acres on "Stanton's River," land further to the south in the colony.

He also found 1000 acres of good plantation land on the bank of Flat Creek in Amelia County for his father-in-law, Nicholas Guillinton. In 1743 Nicholas deeded 200 acres of this grant to John Chisum and his wife Ellender (Guillinton) Chisum. It is well at this point to note that John Chisum, before he left Shenandoah valley, established lasting friendships with the Sevier and Harrison families.

Several children of John and Ellender Chisum moved from southwestern Virginia to southern Kentucky, settling in the Cumberland River valley. This was before the danger of Indian raids had ceased. Many of the Chisum-Chisholm records of that time have disappeared. The family was busy settling on new plantations, and threats of Indian attack, always uppermost in the mind, left little time for making records in the old Bibles.

Family traditions, handed down through generations, are preserved. One of the most interesting is the statement that John and Ellender Chisum were the parents of twenty-two children. Some of these children, no doubt, perished as infants, as their names have been lost.


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1753. John Chisum bought land from Dan'l Hamblin of Halifax Co. Va. Both men registered as "from Amelia Co." (Halifax D.B. 1, p. 44)
1754. John Chisum & Nicholas Gillentine sell 200 ac. to John Cook in Amelia Co. Va. Cook related by marriage. (D.B. 5, p. 202)
1756. John Chisum, Land Grants, 4, total 1400 acs. surveyed by Drury Stith, located along Straight Stone Creek near Randolph's Long Island in the Staunton River (Surveyor's note book is owned by Mrs. E.N. Clements, Chatham)
1757. John Chisum, Land Grant, 400 ac. on Flyblow Creek. After 1767 land is in Pittsylvania Co. (Halifax Land Grants)
1761. John Chisum applied to Halifax County Court, permission to build a "water grist mill" on Stone Creek. His land on both sides of the creek. Permission granted (Court of Common Pleas, Halifax Co. Va. Bk 3, p. 359)
1761. John Chisum confirmed as executor of the will of John Harrison, Halifax Co (Carrington, Hist. of Halifax Co. p. 301. Torrance, Va Wills & Administration, p. 196)
1763. John Chisum bought land from Zachariah Green, land on Staunton River opposite Long Island (Halifax D.B. 5, p. 7) 45 ac.
1767. John Chisum sold Francis Calloway of Bedford Co. 13 ac. with the "water grist mill." (Halifax Co. D.B. 5, p. 380)
1767. John Chisum makes deed of gift to son James Chisum, 150 ac., part of the Zachariah Green purchase (Pittsylvania Co. D.B. 1, p. 81); Pittsylvania was cut off from Halifax in 1767.
1767. John Chisum and Ellender his wife sell 50 ac. to John Dyer of Halifax, land in Halifax Co. ( Pittsylvania D.B. 1, p. 63)
1767. John Chisum sells a negro girl, Jean, to Yuille and Murdock (Halifax Co. D. Bk)
1765. John Chisum and Ellender his wife, with Nicholas Guillontine, sell 200 ac. to John Cook, land on Flat Creek, Amelia Co. (Amelia Co. D.B. 9, p. 41)
1779. John Chisum sells to Richard Eggleston Jr. of Powhatan Co. 73 ac. in Amelia Co.(Amelia Co. D.B. 15, p. 169)
1792. John Chisum makes a deed of gift to his youngest son Obadiah Chisum, 80 ac. in Amelia Co. (D.B. 19, p. 132)

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