Wednesday, July 8, 2020

John, Elijah James Chisum Mountain Men Who Saved the American Revolution

Deep in the Appalachian Mountains lived the Mountain Men with their families. They built a community. When the King's forces threatened the Mountain Men's way of life, the men took action.

After several defeats of General George Washington's Revolutionary Army against the well-trained and professionally outfitted British counterparts, the war for independence looked bleak of any positive outcomes. That is until October 7, 1870 at the Battle of Kings Mountain. Less than 1000 Mountain Men with their more accurate hunting long rifles and native guerilla tactics won the day against the over 1000 British forces. The day was the turning point in the American Revolution.

My kin fought on that day: Elijah James Chisum, Captain and Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) verified ancestor, and his brother my direct ancestor, John Chisum, III, Captain, is still awaiting his DAR designation.

Captain John Chisum, III
(5th Great Grandfather)
A Patriot of the American Revolution
Patriot Roster 

A short excerpt from "Hillbilly: The Real Story" tells of the mainly Scots-Irish Over mountain Men, the war of independence and the Battle of Kings Mountain during the American revolution which turned the tide of the war.

A decisive patriot victory. This episode is one of the four of the "Decisive Battles : Frontier" series. 1. Kings Mountain 2. New Orleans 3. Fallen Timbers 4. Black Hawk's War.